ACTION ITEM! Educating Dentists of Proposed Bill by Hintz


To get ahead of the game, WCIV is launching a massive mail campaign to notify all practicing Wisconsin dentists of the upcoming bill proposal from Rep. Gordon Hintz.
The proposed bill would allow dentists here in WI to provide vaccinations, which is not the will of our practicing dentists! It’s important to support our dental profession and assure that they’re notified of these proposed changes, as they would have a dramatic effect on their practice. In our notice we will inform them of the proposed bill, and also direct them in ways to oppose it, should they desire to do so.
Emails are at risk of getting filtered to junk folders, or simply overlooked, so a standard mail campaign is necessary to assure all doctors are successfully reached. The American Dental Association estimates that there are 2.842 practicing dentists in Wisconsin. This means that postage alone will be $1,563. Envelopes, paper and printing will be a couple hundred more.
We need YOUR help to make this happen!!

Sponsor some letters with your tax-deductible donation today! We’ll send out as many letters as we have funds for. Lets work together to make this happen!

Click here to donate to this specific project! Time is of the essence! 

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