• All members may submit their own project ideas to help inform your community, let your voice be heard!
  • Leadership roles available in Wisconsin WCIV County Groups to Members Only
  • Members have direct access to W.C.I.V. leaders via phone and email
  • We provide mentors throughout the state
  • We host an annual members-only appreciation outing
  • Exclusive access to our informational products


All members are asked to contribute annually to the organization. Contribution amounts are $15, $30 or $60. A Lifetime Membership option is also available for those interested.  

Step 1:

Please consider which yearly membership amount you are willing to donate.

We have memberships in the amount of $5, $15, $30, or $60 suggested donation per year, as well as a lifetime membership option of $150.

Each year we send out an annual reminder to donate for your membership, as well as we have various fundraisers throughout the year for specific projects.

**100% of donations go directly back to the organization's projects and informational events. We do not pay our board members.**

Step 2:

Please select the corresponding membership below and proceed through the registration process.  You will be taken to PayPal, where you can submit your payment information securely.

Step 3:

Once your donation is received, you will be redirected to the website where you will have full access to our Members Area!

Get ready to start learning! 

Level Price  
Member ($5) $5.00 per Year. Select
Member ($15) $15.00 per Year. Select
Member ($30) $30.00 per Year. Select
Member ($60) $60.00 per Year. Select
Lifetime Member $150.00 now. Select
Business Sponsorship $100.00 per Year. Select