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Our Mission Statement

To provide people with vaccination information not commonly provided to them by doctors or mainstream media in order for informed vaccination decisions to be made.

Start Educating Yourself!

We are a dedicated group of Wisconsinites who have come together for the purpose of educating and supporting our local communities. As medical rights and informed consent continue to dwindle across our state and country, we feel it is necessary to provide a powerful resource to all who wish to be truly informed when it comes to vaccination.

Know Your Rights In Schools

School websites and all written notices from school districts stating that certain vaccines are required or mandatory for school attendance, MUST also include information about all three exemptions (religious, personal, medical), otherwise they are OUT OF COMPLIANCE with Wisconsin state law (see WI Statute 252.04 below). Failure of schools to include information about all three exemptions, presents parents with incomplete and inaccurate information. We rely on the assistance of Wisconsin parents to help identify schools and districts out of compliance with state law and to request corrective action on your own or by submitting an online complaint.


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