Our Approach


Wisconsin Coalition for Informed Vaccination is an action group established in 2017. We are a dedicated group of Wisconsinites who have come together for the purpose of educating and supporting our local communities. As medical rights and informed consent continue to dwindle across our state and country, we feel it is necessary to provide a powerful resource to all who wish to be truly informed when it comes to vaccination.

Vaccination affects us all and, regardless of your background or vaccination stance, you will find beneficial information here.

Our Story


Vaccines affect us all and their affects are impacting future generations.

With Healthy People 2020 calling for mandatory vaccinations from birth through death by the year 2020, everyone should be as educated as possible to know and understand what their options are and what they're consenting to. It will also be beneficial to stay up to date with legislative changes as they arise, which is a services that W.C.I.V. provides.

W.C.I.V. strives to be a one-stop-shop resource that allows members to easily access a wide range of information in an unintimidating atmosphere. In addition to our vast library of information in our online Members Area, we also provide our members with direct access to our Board of Directors who personally respond to member questions within 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community where members can learn and ask questions in an unintimidating environment.  Members find this to be a very refreshing approach as there are many other resources that are quick to tell people what their decisions should be.  W.C.I.V. is not one of those resources. We feel that people are responsible for their own decisions and we respect that each member is doing what they feel is best. We also know that the more information people have, the better decisions they make, which is the sole purpose of W.C.I.V. To assist people in making informed decisions that they are comfortable with.

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