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Question 1: How many vaccines does a child need in order to attend public school/daycare?

Question 2: How long are vaccines typically trialed before being approved for use?

Question 3: Which vaccines shed the virus and for how long?

For more information about shedding, click here.

Question 4: Which vaccines contain more than the FDA approved amount of aluminum?

Question 5: What percent increase in reported fetal deaths took place the year the CDC recommended the flu shot to pregnant women?

Question 6: About how many vaccine patents does the CDC reportedly own?

Question 7: What rank was the US in infant mortality prior to routine vaccination and what is it today?

Question 8: How long after the introduction of routine vaccination did the phenomenon of SIDS come about?

Question 9: Which vaccine does the government knowingly admit to causing chronic arthritis?

Question 10: In what circumstance can you sue vaccine manufacturers?

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